8 HEX Hexagrid RGB LED Light RGB Lighting System ZTF582-RGB
    Hexagrid RGB LED Light all easily interlock together with 3 pin connectors, and then you are ready to plug and play with remote control.

    • ModelZTF582-RGB
      MaterialAluminum+PC Cover
      ApplicationAuto 4S Shop/Garage/Showroom/etc.


      For car detailing, washing workshop, gyms, showrooms, barbers & salons and workshops


      1. Space size: W2548*L2444mm, can also be customized for different space size;

      2. Color temperature: 6500K  the best choice for works;

      3. Color rendering index: Ra>90  close to the natural light, you see the real color of the car as if it’s in the sunshine.


      1. Hex extensive lighting, light up every corner of the car wash booth.And see clear every parts of the car.

      2. No strobe, and no shadow, to show us a more natural environment and protect our eyes.


      1. Applied to different ceiling. Flat ceiling—screwing; grille ceiling—tying with ribbon; high ceiling—welding a frame and tie it up with ribbons.

      2. DIY. You can assemble the whole structure easily, in accordance with the instruction equipped. 

      3. It would help for your cost saving, while reducing the wall decoration and labor costs.

      4. Custom models are available.

      5. CAD drawing and professional light solution provided. 

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