Panel Flat Ceiling Light Garage LED Light ZGE1013
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    Panel Flat Ceiling Light is perfect for long term durability, style and easy modification and perfect for any venue or space with its simple set up and no drama installation.

    • Item   CodePanel Flat Ceiling Light ZG/E1013
      Space SizeW3.2m*L5m*H0.1m
      Qty.12pcs color matching lights+1.6*4m lighting box
      Luminous Flux110-120lm/w
      CCT.6500K (White)
      Remarks1. Pls prepare a 8mm fireproof plate for assembling;
      2. Parts list: 12pcs color matching lights(3color)   +1.6*4m lighting box (without plate)
      3 red for color matching light frame,not included,   for your reference only.


      For car wrapping and car film, car painting studio.


      1. Space size: W1600*L4000mm for the led panel lights inside, and 12pcs led flood lights around at 3*5m places

      for a standard 4000*7000mm booth, can also be customized for different space size;

      2. Color temperature: 6500K  the best choice for works; and 3 kinds of different color temperature for the flood light to check the work effect specially do the car painting and wrapping jobs.

      3. Color rendering index: Ra>80  close to the natural light, you see the real color of the car as if it’s in the sunshine.


      1. The best work is done when you can see adequately in your work place.

      2. No strobe, and no shadow, to show us a more natural environment and protect our eyes.


      1.Put your own logo on it, make it personal for you.

      1. Easy to install, put the lamps on the weld frame, wire them in parallel connection.

      2. The flood lights are available for 3 different color temperatures.3000K/4000K/6500K,helps to check the colors when dealing with cars.

      3. DIY. You can assemble the whole structure easily, in accordance with the instruction equipped. 

      4. It would help for your cost saving, while reducing the wall decoration and labor costs.

      5. Custom models are available.

      6. CAD drawing and professional light solution provided. 

      Panel Flat Ceiling Lights

      Panel Flat Light

      Panel Flat Ceiling Light