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    LED Tunnel Light ZGE1006 is perfect for any automotive display or work. This LED Tunnel Light has five light arches and makes film application and paint correcting a breeze. The tunnel comes with a power transformer that plugs into your standard wall socket. Once set up just plug it in and turn it on. The LED Tunnel Light ZGE1006 is a perfect focal piece for any commercial or private building, space or venue with its brilliant 6500K White Light and 110-120 lm/w Luminous flux rating.

    • Item CodeLED Tunnel Light ZG/E1006
      Space SizeW4m*L5.33m*H2.615m
      Qty.5 Groups
      Luminous Flux110-120lm/w
      CCT.6500K (White)
      MaterialAluminum+PC Cover
      Remarks1. Each  group is composed   of 5 tubes,it can stand  independently for the standard size, and installed against the wall while exceed the standard width.
      2. Can be customized


      For car detailing workshop.


      1. Space size: W4000*L5330*H2615mm, for a standard 4000*7000mm booth, can also be customized for different space size;

      2. Color temperature: 6500K  the best choice for works;

      3. Color rendering index: Ra>90 close to the natural light, you see the real color of the car as if it’s in the sunshine.

      4. Voltage: DC24V↔AC100-240V low-voltage is safer while people touch the tunnel, also helpful for the water-proof, just install the control system in ventilated and dry environment. 


      1. 3D lighting, light up every corner of the auto detailing booth.And see clear every parts of the car.

      2. No strobe, and no shadow, to show us a more natural environment and protect our eyes.


      1. Can stand independently without any wall mounting. For the standard size, we can connect the 5 groups of arched lamps with metal connectors, to make it stable.

      2. DIY. You can assemble the whole structure easily, in accordance with the instruction equipped. 

      3. It would help for your cost saving, while reducing the wall decoration and labor costs.

      4. Custom models are available.

      5. CAD drawing and professional light solution provided.  

      ZG E1006.png

      ZG E1006-.png