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    Lighting tunnels for car detailing and workshop facilities are designed to provide bright and efficient lighting. They are made of durable and resistant materials to withstand environmental factors. These lights can be easily plugged into a standard wall socket and are essential for ensuring safe and efficient work for technicians and a high-quality finish for customers. How to design a pleasant environment? -- Here are some benefits of choosing Light Tunnels: 1. The 6500K white light kit with luminous efficacy of 120 lm/w can create attention-grabbing scenery. 2. These lights facilitate automotive film attachment and paint correction in the workshop. Besides, most car owners tend to style their vehicles under the overwhelming tunnel light, even just for one picture. 3. Our Light Tunnels comprise lightweight aluminum frames and high-quality PVC covers, ensuring long-term durability. LEDs also generate little heat coming with better stability. 4. Moreover, our light tunnels are easily modified and support customer service so that you can design your lighting solution.

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    Gonengo Lighting Technology CO., LTD is a leading LED lighting company in China. We provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), and other custom services for clients with competitive prices and top-notch quality.


    Gonengo has forged deep cooperation with more than 600 distributors and agents worldwide. And its LED lights have also been exported to over 100 countries and are highly recognized by customers.


    Have you been looking for the perfect led lights for any space? We support all custom options, including sizes, appearances, colors, materials, and combos.


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    How to install the led lights?

    Installation is simple. All of our lighting kits come with step-by-step instructions. Or you can contact us for installation instructions.

    About MOQ(mini order quantity)

    MOQ is 1.

    About Logistics

    Our products are accessible worldwide. Shipping is our primary selection. Contact us to confirm more details about Shipping Information.

    Do the lights need a transformer?

    No. Our lights are designed to be easily connected with LED lights of different lighting power ranging from 110V to 240V.

    Can the lights change color?

    Our custom hexagon-LED lights can provide various colors.

    Can I combine lighting sets?

    Yes, of course. Our lights feature flexible combinations. You can manage your own combination or contact us with special requirements.

    What is the operating voltage of the lights?


    About warranty

    We offer exchange and return services on our lighting products. Contact us for more details.