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About Us

Our story
We are a group of rural youth in different cities, with the purest dream of getting rich, set foot on the open land of     Guangdong, to explore the unknown future. Here, we have experienced in different positions, with different experiences and stories. Due to our luck, we joined a hong kong-funded electronics company in 2004, and became inseparable from LED lighting. After six years of learning production, research and development, sales, and management, in 2010, we integrated our collective strength to start our own business, independently research and developing, producing, sales, three years of hard work, finally in 2014, we broke through the hardships to establish the  "zoneng" brand, focus on commercial lighting, home lighting,

engineering lighting and other areas. During this period, we have more than 60 stores around China, the large lighting project output value hundreds of millions of RMB. And the CCTV- supported brand.
In 2016, the company established the lighting business division of automobile aftermarket, established the brand of "houfang gaoneng" and "Gonengo", and focused on the research and development of customized products. Within a short period of three years, we have more than 600 distributors and agents in the world, and taking the leadership role for lighting industry around the automotive aftermarket .Our company has made great contributions to the upgrading and transformation of the automotive aftermarket. with more than 100 product patents, we are playing a role as a weathervane in the industry.
For the strength of the motherland, we will maintain the spirit of hard work of revolutionary ancestors, adhering to the principle of putting the interests of customers first, to improve the quality of products and services, and strive to meet the needs of customers and national institutions.
Our vision: to build "Gonengo " "Zoneng"world lighting brand with affordable price, stable quality, unique function and household name!
Our mission: create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for society and create profits for shareholders.
Our core values: patriotism, integrity, innovation, win-win!
Company business philosophy: The quality is our life, the service decides us how far we can go, and the nourishment relies on the innovation.


Our Team

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